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 Nemo User Club is Discontinued

Anite Network Testing now operates as Keysight Technologies. Product documents and software updates are available at Keysight Software Manager (KSM).

Keysight Software Manager (KSM)
Keysight Software Manager is a Web site where you can get licenses, software updates and materials for products you have purchased. For more information, please visit

User registration is required to access KSM. We have sent emails with product specific Entitlement Certificates, that are needed upon registration. If you have not received certificates, please contact and let us know what Nemo products you are using.

Within the one-year transition period your Nemo product licenses will be linked under your KSM profile through the Technical Support renewal process. Upon renewal, your permanent Entitlement Certificates will be delivered via email to the company's designated contact person, who can distribute the certificates to the license end users. The new certificates can be used by the license end users to register to KSM and have access orders and licenses.


New Contact Information

If you have any questions, please contact: